Started by ArdTheSheep, July 17, 2013, 10:32:28 AM

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Doesn't look like we'll be editing as a group anytime soon and vampis too obsessed with minecraft, so I'll be inactive.

Why do I bother posting this nobody even reads my threads.

Mark me as inactive, or whatever the updated inactive policy is.  I'll be back later.  Bye.


Hmmm. Well, people have started things and asked in irc many times about different maps.
What happened to the map you were supposedly starting based on a lord of the rings town? I haven't seen you editing that on any servers. If i did, i'd happily of joined and done some work.

I think that can work better than strictly having fixed times/plans. I know not many of you guys play RE, but i've been editing online (public/locked server) so that someone can join and help if they ask. Maybe try doing that on sauer? jim-dandy in particular.

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sad face, ..... V.F we should play minecraft together one of this day, you could help me with my redstone elevator