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Started by SlyCOOP, March 24, 2012, 05:27:20 PM

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If any of you have seen Tron, or have played KingdomHearts2. You should know what this is! Anyways... Im going to make a tron map! and i have great textures for it!!! (Not modded Textures) I need someone who can make a tron bike! :D I would be very pleased if someone could and i would give all credit for the bike to the person who made it :D here are some screenies of the texture i hath made for the Tron map :D :anisan: :anisan:


Gotta love how those stained glass textures always look so awesome when you glitch the cubes  ;D
By the way, looks like Wallas server, is that made on tokoplayground?
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i love tokoplayground bot!


Yea its at TokoPlayground haha me and wallas are good freinds! i love the servbot its so funny! :D Tell him "Servbot Make me sandwitch Sudo Style" :D


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