Marceline House / Land Ooo

Started by Fairypiss, March 13, 2012, 01:35:42 AM

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well i haven't posted anything in a while so here is one of the many projects I'm working on, I'm also working with a friend of my on this map.
We are planing on making all of Ooo but we are taking one step at a time so we start with marceline house first since my friend like her house the most,
we are using custom textures so its taking us a while to finish her house, right now we have the body of the house done but some of the textures we plan to fix-

The real Marceline house




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thanks y'all, i finished most of the first level I'll post the map once i finish the second level



update -
well i finished most of the first level of the house but i don't like how the textures came out so I'm redoing them all before i start on the second level.



Almost look's like the map is being rendered with a cell-shader lol. Looks awesome.
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