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Started by Leo, September 10, 2011, 02:03:55 AM

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Name : Patrick
Alias : Leo
Age : 15
Country: Australia

How long have you been playing ?

About 2 Years

How did you discover the game ?

Well when I was about 10 years old my Dad showed Cube 1, I played it for a little bit but i wasn't very good so I stopped.
Then a couple years later I started Playing Cube 2, but I still wasn't very good. Then I played it online and I was good (I watched how the pro's did it).  :)

What are your favorite game modes (except coopedit)? Why?

Insta, well I like 'sniping' in general even if it is a bit harder on Cube.

When are you usually online?

Usually on most days of the week at about 6PM to 8PM

Why Mapping Hell?

Well first I know a couple of people in MH, and I wish to expand my editing skills further.

What will you bring to the team ?

Friendship :) . I will also help anyone in anyway that I can.

What do you prefer to do in coopedit? Why?

Mainly the details or Basic layout of maps and Texturing.

How many mapping projects did you start?

Probably about 5.

How many maps have you finished? How many have you uploaded on quadropolis (links) ?

Not a lot maybe 2, I generally help other people with maps. I haven't uploaded to Quad yet.

What is your favourite kind of map ?

Slides and Realistic Maps

Do you want to add something else ?


And Leoton and LeoSlide is unfinished (including its name).


First of all I want to thank you for not applying to Cubic Matter at the same time with the same maps.

Here's my rundown

-Your lighting is good, I see use of spotlights and good ambient light, although a bit too bright at some points.

- Your curves need work

- Your textures need some rethinking, they don't really match

- Your geometry is good, I see some spheres and some other 3D objects.

- As a person, I've known you well and you are good to edit with.

I'm not sure exactly how to respond with a judgement based on those facts. However, some other things I noticed (Mostly picky things that are probably wrong).

- The tiered race area's shape and geometry was from mxrace(?). (leoslide.ogz)

- The letter box on that building was something I saw from Snowy(?). (leoton.ogz)

Also, was unity a fighting map?

I think I'll see what the others have to say.

Overall though, you are getting closer and closer.


Firstly I can do better curves, and the texturing etc in Unity was based of a thing I saw so the textures where as close as I could get them (without making custom textures) and the map is only about 4Hours in work.

Unity: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/3dworld-for-free/id305088957?mt=8

The race-map was made entirely by me, I just use ideas and techniques from other slides (never seen mxrace).

And yes the letter box and building isn't mine it's Yoddles, I forgot it was there.  :)




the "leo" maps were okay, but I wasn't impressed at first. I then saw "Unity" and I kind of shat myself. I will hold my vote, please post more for further inspection.


As you know I generally help others, so I don't have other maps of that quality, so give me a few days to make a new one.


I've looked at your maps, and LeoSlide and Unity have me very satisfied with your work.
The slide map demonstrates your own style, and shows some very interesting concepts and lighting. One part seems to resemble MX race, but not exactly.

Unity is a very nice recreation of the image you showed, and again shows you can skillfully work with the octree.

I would like to work with you ingame before saying, 'Yes!' but I'm not sure If I'll have the time to any time soon.
If you have a positive attitude ( you seem like you do, judging by your posts  ;D ), and like working with others ( learning and teaching ) then you have a definite yes from me.

I hope to see you in-game in a day or three.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

Heav’n hath no rage like love to hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.


Communicate with Jake, Leo, he's barely ever on!  ;D


If by 'barely ever,' you mean, 'Always on!' then you are WRONG! : ;D

I check in on the server twice a day now. Winter is coming.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

Heav’n hath no rage like love to hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.


In Australia it just got into Spring  :).


Ah and I will post map ASAP!


In Canada it is now Fall.

I am sad about this.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

Heav’n hath no rage like love to hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.


Today 14th of September was a good day! I officially turned 15 years of age (B-Day punches hurt)..AND!! I have an idea for a project.
I don't wish for any help while I make this, if you want you can watch me while I make it. The project which I have decided to start is Duke Nukem! Its the first level in the Duke Nukem 3D game: L.A Meltdown. If you don't know Duke Nukem, then tell me. Ok.. :D


20min in Project!!  :)
Will keep working, but for now I must rest.



Another 20min, can't work tomorrow but will on the weekends!


I see some really good geometry there.


Anyone got a good map with those slides that propel you really far? I've made a basic one but it doesn't fling me far..

And should I add a poll?


Hi Leo, sorry to respond so late. You don't need to add a poll. They are confusing. I'll try to take a look at your maps as soon as possible. cheers



Leo, I took a look at the first three maps. They are very nice. Unity map is nice and detailed, and the other two maps are big and full of stuff to do, which shows you must have a lot of patience :)

You have my vote.


I retook my look (rhymez) at Unity. It really is a nice map, and I think the details are excellent.

My vote is yes.


YAY!! Ok so how many Votes do I need in total?


Quote from: Leo on October 06, 2011, 05:05:41 PM
YAY!! Ok so how many Votes do I need in total?

All of them.




All of the active members' votes. Though it's our responsibility to mark inactive members as inactive... I can't do that cause i'm not so often online and i don't know how active members other than jake and sweet are.



Zoocata when he inevitably returns to take my hand in marriage


Leo = abusive editor
1. high polygon count
2. excessive use of vcommands
3. POOR LIGHTING ^%$#@<%:l$%>^%#:^><$%:

You need training ><

have you ever heard of the command /ambient

yes there is very little references to all lighting commands and map variables


-.- helllooo Sparky
Yes ive heard of /ambient unfortunately no one is bother to teach ''noobs'' like me.
Which is one of the reason I wish to join this clan.


Also if by abusive editor u mean evil...then u must have met some other Leo.
Leo is not a uncommon name..


i think sparky meant abusive with vcolor and other v commands


yeh so did I, just makin sure. Cause Mars stole my name once so yerr

Ive also always thought that the more you use something to better you get a it, same goes for /vcommands. And personally I think the current textures available in Cube are a tad bit limited, all I use /vcommands for is to make a map a bit more interesting or different.
Cause when you think about it, most things people build is based of from what they've seen (Unity for example). Sometime in the past, someone came up with this certain circle design, it spread. And now its known as one of the most basic circles.  ;)

Lazy Kat


       I will make this short and sweet ([MH]Sweet) :D

       Personally, I think you're argument is valid, and sparky seems to think that "over-using" vcommands is more than what we need. To be truthful, I do not use vcommands, because I never see use for them. I always use the medievil texture, only because it looks good to me. Every one has their own unique style, and your's is different from Sparky's.

       I have seen Leo edit, and I think he is one of the Elites. If I were ever to put up a "hall of fame" of Sauer editors He'd be in it. Sparky I can see your standpoint, but you over-critisizing everyone. I must say that Leo is unique in editng for Sauerbraten. So, in all reality, Sparky, you are kind of "abusive" in your own special way.

       If anyone were to teach me stuff like fonts or what not, it would be Leo. He is a very good editor, and I hate to see his style of editing turned down by you like that. I will say that, Sparky, you are in the wrong with this one. He may be a Newbie to editing, but so am I. Sparky, his interests are placed into joining this clan, for Sauerbraten.

      Now, a humble farewell.

                   Corpore Sana, Leo.
                             Garm Kralljj.
Meowy Chwysmiss