The hissing trouser snake of redemption, by Baron Vampi von Froghausen

Started by vampirefrog, August 26, 2011, 02:43:30 PM

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"JarJar can kiss my ass!" said Vincent, with a smile on his lower mouth.
JarJar pucked his lips and pressed them hard against Vincent's anus hole. His large floppy ears tickled Vincent's hairless buttocks in ways he could not describe. All of a sudden, Vincent released a toxic cloud of fart gas, spraying JarJar's face with bits of brown corn. JarJar couldn't take it anymore. "Oh no Annie, me's a gonna cum woopwoopwoopwoopwoop!" JarJar squeeked. He came alien cock jello all over Vincent's tight ass.
"That's how you please an alien", said Vincent, pride trickling off his cheek.

Vincent was rubbing it over JarJar's exhausted body. An idea came to him. He reached into JarJar's butt and pulled out a coconut-sized chunk of filthy poop. Its smell oozing like a colorful gas emanation. His eyes watering intensely. "Now, what shall we name you, little fella?" asked Vincent coughing lavishly. "I know! Darth Poop!" and cut it in twain, smearing his light sabre.



About the author:
Baron Vampi von Froghausen, born a lowly frog in the Froghills of Vampiswamp, was turned into a vampire by Dracula himself. He quickly gathered wealth and title with his best-selling realist story books about human nature.


I'm... I'm speechless... Vampi you just broke the universe... Is this a true story?



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