So this guy was just standin there, and like, he jus' stood there.

Started by Apollo, August 19, 2011, 05:40:07 AM

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So there he was.

Standing there.

Just standing there.


He didn't know why he was standing there, but that's what he was doing. So this guy who was just standing there was thinking to himself while he stood there. "Why am I just standing here?" he thought as stood there, Hhe did not know why he was standing there, and no matter how many times he asked himself why he was just standing there whilst he stood there, the answer did not come, leaving him just standing there, with no reason in his head as to why he just stood there.

All of a sudden, while he stood there, he saw another man just standing there. While he stood there, he was all up 'n like, 'Why's he just standing there?' as he continued to stand there, but he did not know why the man standing there was just standing there.
The other man who was just standing there has a similar though whilst standing there. The specific thought he had whilst he stood there was, 'Why are both He and I standing here, and most likely wondering why the other is doing likewise?' An answer did not come to him whilst he stood there, as he asked himself the question, and while standing there an answer would not come, as he did not already know it, and thus could not answer his own question.

So the two stood there.  Locked perpetually in the state of 'just standing there' wondering why the other was just standing there. The would stand there perhaps for all eternity, or perhaps until the other decided, 'I've had enough of just standing here. I'm done standing here,' and moves on to a new place for in which to stand.

They stood there. Days past, then weeks, months, decades, millenia, galactic years and so on and so forth, all whilst they just stood there. Empires rose and fell, and fell around the areas in which they stood after rising. All while these two men stood. There.

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