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Welcome back, Boognish.  Added to list.


Added Mayonaise to memberlist.




Added Pupskuchen to list, welcome back!


Added gear to the list, welcome to the clan!


Removed Doom32 from list.

(21:30:29)<Doom32>remove me from the list, I guess.


Reasons for removal:

was gonna get kicked, asked to be removed early.
gives up on projects, makes trollish lists and silly maps.
general lack of respect towards select individuals

1: Doom was going to be automatically removed, but had asked to be removed early.  I had spoken with some MH about the situation, and we agreed to give Doom 3 days to make up his mind.  He quit, as expected, the first day.

2: He tends to quickly give up on projects, and turn focus to other silly maps.  Some of his silly maps include 'Autism Zoo' which consists of many stolen animals.  There is 'Terry The Tugboat', another immature map.  I, and others of MH, have requested assistance from Doom on many projects, all of which he quickly gave up on.  He gives up on his own projects too.

3: Doom tends to spend a lot of his time making trollish pastebin lists.  I copied this one in case the original on pastebin is removed.


In Game Name: SancrisWolf'
Old In Game Alias: FoxyWolfGirl
Real Name(Possibility that it isn't his name): Kain Gormley
Known Mental Illnesses(see below for definitions):Psychological projection, Clinical lycanthropy, Sexual sadism, schizophrenia, Bipolar-disorder
Sex: M
Sexual Attraction: 50%Animals, 30%Males, 20%Females.

Definitions to the mental illnesses
Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal.

Sexual sadism: Individuals with sexual sadism disorder have persistent fantasies in which sexual excitement results from inflicting psychological or physical suffering (including humiliation and terror) on a sexual partner. This disorder is different from minor acts of aggression in normal sexual activity; for example, rough sex. In some cases, sexual sadists are able to find willing partners to participate in the sadistic activities.
At its most extreme, sexual sadism involves illegal activities such as rape, torture, and even murder, in which case the death of the victim produces sexual excitement. It should be noted that while rape may be an expression of sexual sadism, the infliction of suffering is not the motive for most rapists, and the victim's pain generally does not increase the rapist's sexual excitement. Rather, rape involves a combination of sex and gaining power over the victim. These individuals need intensive psychiatric treatment and may be jailed for these activities.

schitzophrenia: a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

Bipolar disorder: a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.
Map Names
Some info about sancris.
Sancris is very annoying.. He constantly uses the word murr and will put murr in your name. ex galmur doommur zoomur .. the list go'on and on. I'd like to think he believe he is a wolf, which is very odd.
Comments Made about Mr. Gormley
(15:30:11)<sheepserv>IV-St@lk3r(3): hes just mental retearded for thinking hes a fucking wolf

I asked a couple of people of what they can tell you about Mr. Gormley in a couple of sentences.
(15:53:36)<MasterTechCC>I honestly don't know him too well personally, but from what I've heard from everyone else, and what I've seen
(15:53:44)<MasterTechCC>Not good, not good at all....
(15:54:18)<MasterTechCC>He's like the Gavin of 2015

<sweeney-ard5>permban "that guy that sucks his cock"

(16:05:32)<Papriko>and not just as those "internet insults", he actually is
(16:05:54)<Papriko>fairly annoying
(16:06:14)<Papriko>that sums it up I guess

(16:08:53)<Galaxy>pervert, gay, sometimes annoying , contrary you on almost everything, but he can be good sometimes too

This is just a few people, I tried to get hold of friends of sancris but they could not be found.


<Foxy>definitely odd
<Foxy>odd, but in a good way

(19:33:46)<NopNotMe>Lonely straigh suicidal gay wolf
(19:33:54)<NopNotMe>sums it up

<andrius4669>well, about sancris, he's furry, gay and pretty big asshole (in sense of character). he is harsh with others, insults and outright kicks from servers ones he doesn't like. which makes him pretty hated in community. he's harsh with friends too, sometimes, which makes it harder to befriend him, without knowing what he means. uses mur and :3 often, which isn't very unusual considering he's furry.
<andrius4669>while his attitude tovards people is disrespective, he gets pretty mad when gets trolled. so, he isn't unbreakable wall. despite weird character, he can do pretty logical decisions, which I don't dislike. therefore, even though he's hated in community, I'm on his side when he uses logical arguments (and in most cases, he does)
Past relationships?
SancrisWolf': You remeber skiingpenguins, doom?
cm|Dr.Doom': yes.
cm|Dr.Doom': haven't seen him in ages actually
SancrisWolf': You know he showed me his dick multiple times?
cm|Dr.Doom': LOL What
SancrisWolf': It was odd because it was really straight but the tip looked funny
Fan|Foxeh:3:3: and you won't even show me yours..
SancrisWolf': He's half the raeson i am bi-sexual
unamed: wtf
cm|Dr.Doom': LOLOLOL
cm|Dr.Doom': IM DONE
join: (ESP)Mephisto
(ESP)Mephisto connected from Serbia
[(ESP)Mephisto is getting the map]
SancrisWolf': XD
SancrisWolf': I showed him mine when i was 14
SancrisWolf': Because he is very seductive
Fan|Foxeh:3:3: sancris won't send me a dickpic :c
SancrisWolf': And i was 14....
SancrisWolf': FOXEH mur  hush
unamed: you guys are talking some fucked up shit
Fan|Foxeh:3:3: kk
SancrisWolf': that is gross
SancrisWolf': Fucked up shit?
unamed:  none of my business, just sayin
Fan|Foxeh:3:3 claimed auth as 'Skwillex' [/dev]
SancrisWolf': It is your business technically  because i am talking about it openly on an open server
cm|Dr.Doom': lol im to busy laughing my fucking ass off
Fan|Foxeh:3:3: im trying not to, doom
cm|Galaxie: why?
SancrisWolf': And skiing's real name is Zach
SancrisWolf': Which is default
cm|Dr.Doom': so wait
cm|Dr.Doom': did skii know you where a guy?
Fan|Foxeh:3:3: fuckboii zach *zach flicks tongue*
cm|Galaxie: were
cm|Galaxie: *
SancrisWolf': yes
SancrisWolf': Skii BEGGED to let me let him send a dickpic AFTER he knew i was a guy

Sancris usually trys to impress you with his porn statues, even though he knows you will be disgusted.

Sancris has blamed Ardelico for being lonely even though he is in fact the loneliest of them all. Or so it seems based off of previous behaviors.

Sancris constantly talks about sexual subjects in jokative manners.

Constantly uses the emoticon ":3"

Sancris will constantly troll others, but if you troll him, "Its not right".

<sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): If you ban me, i'll dislike you- OH WAIT i already do
<sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): so ban me, i don't giev a solid shit about you or shit-ass server.

SancrisWolf': Doomur sheep is mean to mur
[мн]SirDoom.: from waht i've seen it was you who instigated it.
SancrisWolf': but
SancrisWolf': Ah what the hell, yes i did
SancrisWolf': But still.

based off sancris's reactions above it suggest that he is showing a sign of remission, it seems the wolf has shown ability to take fault on action

Strange behavior listed below
<sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): Yes, paper is what people use to draw on ard. Now i know that is hard to believe for someone with 0 artistic abilities, but it's true.

<sheepserv>[мн]thesheep(1): his vibrator must have burned out
<sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): Yeah, ard because my vibrated is powered by fire..right
<sheepserv>[мн]$weet(0): thats not what burned out means my son
<sheepserv>SancrisWolf'(2): The hell does that even mean? "his vibrated burned out"

<obsessed with gathering attention from Papriko>
<FanServ>CONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) (United States)
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): mur
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko mur
<FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): FFFUUURRR
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): _.-
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko mah murrr
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): ^^
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko is my copyrighted murr
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko is badmurrrrrrrr
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Phisto
<FanServ>DISCONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) - Connection time: 00h 05m 01s
<FanServ>DISCONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) - Connection time: 00h 04m 38s
<FanServ>CONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) (United States)
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko make murr sad
<FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): phisto stop following me
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): hahaha
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): you scared paps
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(17:34:51)<FanServ>CONNECT Aventador(0) (United States)
(17:35:02)<FanServ>Aventador(0) is now known as SancrisWolf'
(17:35:34)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): :3
(17:35:37)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko murrrrs
(17:36:56)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Hi mur
(17:37:26)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): What mur is doing?
(17:38:56)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Is papirko murrrrrr bored?
(17:39:39)<Papriko>going to sleep soon
(17:40:04)<FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
(17:40:04)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Aw
(17:40:13)<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): but mur is lonely. :3
(17:40:14)<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): XD
(17:41:08)<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): what happend with new name
(17:41:17)<FanServ>DISCONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) - Connection time: 00h 06m 26s
(17:41:38)<FanServ>DISCONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) - Connection time: 00h 01m 34s

<FanServ>CONNECT SancrisWolf'(0) (United States)
<FanServ>CONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) (Serbia)
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): fffuuurrr
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): :o
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): paps ignor murr
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): No, i haven't ping'd him yet
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): XD
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): ping phone
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): :o
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1): murr ping to paps
<FanServ>(ESP)Mephisto(1):  paps are yuo ther
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): I wish like, skiingpenguins was in the irc.
<FanServ>DISCONNECT (ESP)Mephisto(1) - Connection time: 00h 03m 08s
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Papriko chan mur?
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Will you entertain me?
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Why?
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): Because why?
<FanServ>SancrisWolf'(0): What if i told you....

Here is another one.  Copy pasted again, in case the original is deleted.
QuoteVirus 1864
Known name of virus: The Murrs

Host Cell: SancrisWolf'

List of patients who are infected by the virus

How to know if you're infected!

Do you find your self saying the word "murr" a lot.. That's not good news, this is the number one sign that you are infected with "The Murrs"
(We are still looking for more causing signs of "The Murrs")

Many people who are infected with the murrs often infuse the word murr with other words or blend them in with peoples name. Ex: Murrychristmas mr.doomurr

The host infectant is known as Mr. Gormley, in which we did a conducted study of (http://pastebin.com/EDWEeUxf)

During the few months in which Doom has been with MH, he has been little, if any help at all, to any MH members. 
Doom edits well, when it's on his own terms, anything else, he will quickly but poorly make something in hopes of helping, but when asked to improve it ever so slightly, he will give up and say 'I'm done.'
That is exactly what happened when I had simply asked Doom to make one small building and he would have his name on the map I was making.  He made the building, rather poorly.  But I had accepted the meh quality at the time.  A few seconds later, I asked Doom to make an interior for the house.  This is when he said 'I'm done.'  and generally quit on the entire thing.

(21:32:30)<sweeney-ard19>next time why don't you try, instead of giving up, yet again. :p
(21:32:33)<sweeney-ard19>anyways hf.
(21:34:21)<Doom32>I'll keep in touch.
(21:35:09)<sweeney-ard19>don't bother
(21:35:53)<Doom32>You're the one who motivated me to give up.
(21:36:17)<sweeney-ard19>lol now you put the blame on me
(21:36:28)<sweeney-ard19>if you would have tried ever so slightly harder you would have been fine
(21:36:39)<sweeney-ard19>but you're just a quitter
(21:36:57)<sweeney-ard19>you quit qq, you quit cm, you quit mh, you quit every project i've offered,  you even quit your own projects
(21:37:28)<sweeney-ard19>you should set a goal to finish a map all by yourself, then you're no longer a quitter.
(21:37:43)<Doom32>The only project I've quit would be the community project
(21:37:51)<sweeney-ard19>you quit your modern house
(21:37:52)<Doom32>"my projects"
(21:38:19)<Doom32>Not really, I've learned from my modern house map, and currently i'm making a map that I plan on finishing anyways.
(21:38:20)<sweeney-ard19>you're probably going to quit this irc chat, let me do that for you, cya

I may have been harsh, but I'm simply stating the truth.  He gives up quickly and is unable to stick with a project.  Atchafalaya, Antel, Ceredo, are some of the few maps I have offered.

m2 aka 'Athbazcar Island' and anvor, are MH clan projects, both of which doom was offered, both of which doom had quit on.

I believe gear4 has offered some projects to doom, and of course, as expected, doom gave up on them.



In light of my "trolish maps", you've not once requested for me to stop doing them, in fact, you've actually had a couple laughs at them, along with the pastebin, so I find it very weird you used all of that against me. But I will apologize about my "trollish maps" or my pastebins if they happened to offend anybody in this clan. Also, quickly giving up on projects should not be a reason one should be removed from a clan in sauer. Me leaving this clan was suppose to be non-dramaish but you went and caused drama anyways. Also, I didn't give up on the island clan map.

"Some of his silly maps include 'Autism Zoo' which consists of many stolen animals." To say the the animals on that silly map was stolen is funny to be honest. I didn't claim the animals as my own so therefore I did not steal them. HOWEVER, if anybody sees that map and they say "Hey, can you remove my animal from the map I don't want it on here" I'll be happy to remove it with no problems.

Giving up on projects

To respond to this ^ Everyone has their own editing preference and style. Some people can "EASILY" work with others in group projects, and some people, like me, find it hard. I've attempted multiple times to edit on some of ards maps. I find that majority of his maps didn't go with my style of editing and thus caused me to fail at creating good structures for his map, thus giving up. I don't know what it is about ards maps, but I can't get my self to create good edits on them. I do remember on the island map, I edited that Japanese Tower, and it ended up looking really awesome! I lost that map, it was suppose to go on the island, and it pissed me off that I lost it. I find it very easy to work on maps that I've started and had my own thoughts into it. I often say, this is my map, I can make it look what ever I want it to look like, it can look ugly and the best part is, it want matter, its my world. Ardelico, you're always a hard person to get along with, but I like you dude, you may dislike me but I still consider you a friend.

Trollish Maps

I did infact, make a couple of trollish maps. Mapnames are SauerassicWorld (with all the animals on it) Spookeyforest.jpg and TerryTheTugboat. When I don't wanna make something serious, I often turn to making goofy maps.

My Pastebins.
I cannot justify the actions of my pastebin, and they will probably be offensive to people. Thus, i'll apologize.

[[EDIT 2]]

Just recently, me and a couple of other people make one of those so called "trollish maps" the name is Butter CTF, and it's actually quite fun to play on.

To be with one, is to be without.


Doom, can you please remove my snake from "Autisim Zoo?" It's my personal creation and do not appreciate it being associated with a "Zoo."

Also you are really mean and lazy.


Quote from: Boxx on December 26, 2015, 12:41:01 AM
do not appreciate it being associated with a "Zoo."

bitch what'd you say about me

also doom i don't have any beef with you but doxxing sancris was kind of a dick move, js