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Here are our membership rules, and method for joining.

New members

You must post one or more pieces of content created within the Cube2 engine. ( Preferably Sauerbraten, but not limited to. )
The content posted should be well thought out, adequately detailed, and properly textured and lit. We want to see your best.
A complete map, featuring detail, layout, texture and light, will generally make it dramatically easier for us to assess your skill level.
Maps can either be posted in the Maps section on the forum, or as an attachment to your post. Additionally, you may link to a map of yours on Quadropolis, as long as it was submitted no more than 1 month prior to your join request. ( 31 days )

Users may use the forum to request help with their map. As part of the learning process, it is alright to have somebody help you do something the first time, or teach you. This however does not make it alright to do your map in co-op edit and take work that is not your own, as it should only be your work we are seeing.

Candidates have to convince each active clan member for their vote. Each member that is thusly examining the candidate will decide on their own and in their own way if the candidate gets their vote.

Non unanimous votes should be discussed by members or worked on (ie improve submitted content) by the applicant until all members vote yes.

We do not tolerate theft of material, and you must specify your specific work on material that may otherwise be questionable.

After this, you must join us in coopedit so we can learn about you. Each member will go through a cooperative editing session with one or more existing members. Here, we will assess attitude, how well you work with others, how well you can expand upon existing work or existing themes, etc. We may also teach the odd thing that may not be known.

After this, a decision will be made. You will be promptly informed.

If you are not accepted, you may try again with new content in the near future.
Members who are not eligible for entry can still join us on the forum and the Cube2 servers and edit with us. If you have a good learning attitude, you might pick up a lot of tricks in a short time. Making you eligible in the near future.

Existing members

Existing members must keep active, either on the forums, or in-game on the server.
The clan will have projects and themes that members can join/use.

Members that do not show activity for over a month will be marked as inactive, and members that do not show activity for more than 3 months will be removed from clan. This means that they have to submit a new map for clan re-entry. Though it may be significantly easier to enter the second time if they were already accepted.

There's no way you can stop someone from leaving the clan (or perhaps we can discuss this). However, if they want to rejoin, active members will have to vote again (just like a regular applicant).

General requirements

You need a proper attitude for cooperative artistic development.
You must be willing to learn.
You should be able to work well in groups,
We all love a good sense of humor.


Not being a member of the clan still means you can be an active member on the forum. You may join us on the clan servers as well.
By Cube 2 engine maps we mean maps for any game that's based on cube 2: Sauerbraten, Red Eclipse and so on.


How to submit a join request

Create a new topic following these instructions.

Subject : Your in-game name (The one you use most of the time that you would like to wear with the tag).

Red = You must answer this question.
Blue = You answer only if you want to.
Black = Sample of answer.

| Copy / Paste this and answer, or make your own join request, as long as your post still contains the required information. |


Name : Elika
Alias : AsusP4B533
Age : 22
Country : Caprica  ( Use a real country name )

In Game
How long have you been playing ?
How did you discover the game ?
I've been playing sauerbraten for 5 years (yea sure).
I discovered it thanks to my cat who jumped on the keyboard and it typed : "saauuerbrttenne".
What are your favorite game modes (except coopedit)? Why?
Ffa because I keep camping the quad and I feel powerfull.
When are you usually online?
Most days of the week, between 6 and 9. Not always though.
Why Mapping Hell?
B3CUZ 1T R0X (If you write that you haven't any chance to join us).
What will you bring to the team ?
Happiness, good ideas for maps. Random layouts. My wicked sense of humor and attractiveness.


What do you prefer to do in coopedit? Why?
I love to create textures. Writing scripts are a bit too hard for me. Layout are quite easy too, but I'm not very good at adding details...
How many mapping projects did you start?
About 17,295, mostly 1on1 maps and some other useless ones.
How many maps have you finished? How many have you uploaded on quadropolis (links) ?
0, I have no motivation, I just like starting lots of projects.
What is your favourite kind of map ?
Funmap (race / trick / artistic / rpg) and playable (ctf, 1on1, 30 on 30).


Do you want to add something else ?
I am The Best. I am the Alpha and the Omega, as well as Omicron, and a few other Greek letters.


If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

Heav’n hath no rage like love to hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.