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Started by Jericho, March 25, 2009, 08:51:23 PM

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Hey Id like to join. Been playing for 6 months. Some of you know me as SolidSnake but changed my name to Jericho because of all the haters, and also so clan tags can fit in my name.

Heres screenshots of maps I did.

They arent the greatest maps in the world but I guess they are alright.
I put them on my Xfire profile because I was to lazy to upload.
http://www.xfire.com/profile/websblob/ theres only like 7 screenshots there 1 of which is not an official map screenshot.

I also did some crappy map with my friend a while back.


Only two of your xfire screenshots look nice:

Are these from your maps?

Also, how much of the work did you do on the 'big house' map?


Why post the 'crappy map' at all?
Posting something 'crappy you did a while back' probably isn't a healthy attachment to a join request.
Make something that shows your skill to ensure you join.



Yeah those are from my maps, the one which you said looked nice I worked the hardest on. It took me about 1 week to do. I had to get a friend to teach me how to do the curvings and stuff.

On the Bighouse map I did the Layout of it and tryed to model it after the Simpsons house (It didnt go as planned...) I also did alot of the shit downstairs and worked about 12 hours on it. So I maybe did 1/3 of the stuff.

I guess I have some of those skills on the list which one is required. Mostly to do with the Layouts. I know my maps arent that good but thats probably because Im sort of lazy to work on them.

And I dont think the map is crap I mean I didnt mean to say it like that. Heh  :P. Anywai yeah bye. (Didnt know how to end it.)


post the ogz for the curve map, and also meet us in coopedit today or whenever.


we need good layout people. I'm good with details but sux at layouts. Tomek also seems to have good layout skills, but i haven't seen him around much (i think he changes nick often).

what about world architecture? do you have any knowledge of that?

[Request closed]