[Accepted] N3xT-Poum

Started by N3xT-Poum, March 25, 2009, 05:55:50 PM

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Hello, i'm a N3xT but Vampirefrog ask to me if i wanted to be a Hell, si i'm ok, i will  be a Bit a HELL :p
I'm a mapper and a fragger but Hell is only mapper i hink
i'm a french boy and my english is a bit bad but i try to speak :p


Poum has some nice maps/skills, but he can't upload so I will upload them for him here. First, his DDBP insta ctf map.


And the Toxy map:


Your maps have a strange sense of realism that I always aim for, but mysteriously miss on every attempt. :D

<3 Asteroids