Started by SirAlex, May 07, 2010, 06:16:59 AM

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Guys, we need to make a fighting department for MH.

We have at least 3 people that are interested in fighting(me, wrack, doko). Thing is that we cannot join other clans since most clans have a no-multiclanning(including this one). There should be no case where a member is put in a position to leave MH and join a fighting-only clan or stay in MH and continue editing.

We need to get organized and gather people that want to fight. Please post in here if you're interested or have suggestions. I would also recommend people to join irc more(I'm looking at you Doko).


SirAlex, the rules say that you cant be in another Mapping clan. you are aloud to join a fighting clan while still in this one. :P  ;D


The problem is that no other respectable tag will accept members of other clans.
Joining another tag also means splitting priorities between MH and that clan.


well... im interested in joining that fighting thing that.
im mapper
but i played quake for like 2 years and i know a lot of techniques
in all types of gameplay modes.

here are some of my screenshots:

btw: nymphomaniac was me

Omg this is a big post.

The lord of the palaver.


Yes, that's why i was thinking of you, i know you own people at it.


I'd participate. I used to be fairly good at FFA... ( not an insta person )

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

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My name is Aaron, and I can frag pretty well. I use STRICTLY release, and I don't like SVN as I must upgrade every day. I was in ONI and X, and I am in OSH and Yotsubname ATM. In Editing, though, I was and EEMod straight from an EEG2 (second lowest level) and I am in my own crew known as [DCP]