Author Topic: [Mapping: Terrain] Island Tutorial  (Read 2070 times)

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[Mapping: Terrain] Island Tutorial
« on: June 08, 2016, 06:03:46 am »
This Mapping Tutorial is rated: INTERMEDIATE

This Mapping tutorial will teach you how to make Islands, along with how to use the Blend Paint feature in the Sauerbraten Editor.

// Originally posted on SauerWorld:

Here is a video of the finished Island:

I recommend viewing the 2-4-6-8 Law Tutorial before attempting Islands.
The tutorial for 2-4-6-8 law can be found here:,1070.0.html


1: Start by making the island frame.

2: Go ahead and fill in the sides first.

3: Bump the last row up a little.

4: Smooth it out.

5: Go ahead and do that to all the sides.

6: Hit the corners, start from the top.

7: Layer 1 finished.

8: Layer 2 finished.

9: All layers finished.

10: General island shape complete.

11: Go ahead and go smooth out the island sides.

12: Start sand texturing, this is your island's beach.

13: Continue..

14: Sand texturing done.

15: Select sand texture and press f9. (make sure allfaces is OFF)

16: Sand texture was 959, so find the grass texture, and /vlayer 959, then /replace.

17: Now do /blendpaintmode 2, and select your blend brush.

18: Go ahead and blendpaint around the beach.  First blend layer finished.  Looks good.

19: Use a partially solid brush for the second layer, this adds a faded effect.

20: Poof, the smoke spot appeared.

21: Add some vegetation.

22: Start forming the shoreline.

23: Progress.

24: Start smoothing out the shore.

25: Push twice.

26: Flip.

27: Push 4 times.

28: Flip back.

29: Focus generally on the sand/default texture line.  This is your water line, you want it smooth for natural appearance. Plus, it makes smoothing the shore later much easier.

30: Smoothing done.

31: Shoreline finished.

32: Ermagher, it's the water, RUN!

33: Add some waterfog, and watercolour.

34: Add some fogdome, fog, match the fog colour to skybox, poof, island finished! :D
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