Hey all

Started by Friedslick6, June 05, 2014, 11:14:43 AM

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Oh man, what a cool forum I've stumbled upon.
I used to make maps for Cube engine games years ago. I started with making AssaultCube maps, then moved to making them on Red Eclipse briefly before university started.
I uploaded two of my AssaultCube maps to Quadropolis. I don't see the point of reuploading them here, but you can check them out on Quadropolis if you're interested:
Pac-Man (v1.0)
Dessert Village
The Dessert Village map was mainly a joke to pull on voters (one extra S can make all the difference.)


Hello Friedslick6, welcome to the forum. As you can see, we are a cube/cube2 engine based community. I haven't played cube so much, I was into Sauerbraten a lot, and now into Tesseract. Hope we can coopedit soon, I edit sometimes in the evening in tesseract, on the Jolly Roger server.


Welcome to hell!  ;D
And as vampi said, be sure to check out Tesseract!
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