Started by unixfreak, April 06, 2014, 01:27:06 AM

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An abandoned Space-station or something like that.  :-/
Designed for FFA / Team matches (not base orientated... so ctf doesn't work well)




(gallery link: )
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Join the Red Eclipse discord!


You're amazing bro. This map kicks ass. RE is in desperate need of some real map design, like what you displayed here, I am not a fan of many of the maps in RE. RE is incredible and plays well, I love it, but the fact that the mapping community is smaller then Sauer makes it more difficult. I got a texture pack I have been writing a cfg for, I kind of wanted some help. You should idle on the sauerbraten channel man. They're all bump map and all intend shader use. I got all the bump maps going and I got some shader stuff, but I remember you having a good understanding of that stuff. I can send you a package of what I started so far and the textures if you like. It's very exciting indeed.
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The lighting looks really good. Nice!


I would have to agree with vampirereptile, the lighting does look good; I would give it a test run, but... I no longer have red eclipse installed.