[Joining] Current Joining Procedures (updated Aug 2015)

Started by ArdTheSheep, August 25, 2015, 06:59:34 PM

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Chances are if you are reading this, you are considering applying to [MH]Mapping Hell.  We wish you good luck!

Currently there are 2 methods of joining:

- Post your application and members will vote yes/no.
- Your application should have at least 3 screenshots.
- Your application should have at least 1 map.
- [MH]Mapping Hell does not tolerate theft of content, be sure that what you post in your application is yours and only yours.
- Check your maps and remove anything that isn't yours before posting them to your application. This helps avoid confusion.

Applications are accepted after 5 days if:
- applicant has at least 3 yes votes
- applicant has 0 no votes

Applications are accepted after 30 days if:
- applicant has at least 70% yes
- applicant has 0 rejects
([MH] Members: reject vote is worth 3 no's.  Do not reject an applicant unless you have solid ground for doing so.  Rejects are mostly for those who have screwed up during their application.)

Invitation: Members may recommend other players to join our clan.  You have a greater chance of receiving an invitation if you have a recommendation.
Basically, once you have the invite, all you have to do is accept or decline. 
Should you accept, welcome to [MH].
Should you decline, no problem, we can still be friends!  :D

Do not rely on an invitation to join [MH], chances are even with a recommendation, the inviter will request you make an application.
You have a much greater chance of entry with an application.


// ***** APPLICATION *****
// Basic
Real Name (optional):
In-Game Name:

// Game
How long have you been playing Sauerbraten?
What other modes do you play besides Coop-Edit, and which ones do you prefer most?
When are you usually online?
Why Mapping Hell?

// Editing
What are you looking to learn in Mapping Hell?
What will you do in order to contribute to Mapping Hell?
(think of it like this: We'd like to help you, tell us how, and what you have to offer in exchange.)

What is your best aspect in Coop-Edit?
What is your worst aspect in Coop-Edit?
How many map projects do you have?
How many maps have you finished?  Links?

What is your favorite map theme?
Do you like small ffa-sized maps, or large ctf/regen sized maps?  Or both?
Do you like above-ground maps, or underground maps?

// Other

Anything else you feel you should tell us.