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Videos / Tesseract Temple Preview
April 15, 2017, 05:46:01 AM
Well it's been quite awhile since I came on these forums due to life keeping me busy.

From the looks of it, this may as well be the first video about a Tesseract map on here

Here I was helping out a side project I'm working with Enigmatic

We worked on getting the temple finished in 4 weeks extensively with time restraints while revamping different versions based on the teacher’s requirements.

There’s no exact time the maps will be released since Revisions of the map are being polished to work on any stock tesseract game that will be uploaded when ready

A work in progress preview can be seen here on this live stream from 2016

I may most likely use this game engine for future projects as well [>.0]/
The Mega Archive / Re: Doom.
April 08, 2012, 06:40:10 PM
i see that you guys don't like doom at all.
Mapshots / Re: Tron Map
April 07, 2012, 10:07:43 AM
interesting [>.0]
Mapshots / Re: Random one-shots/unknown maps
April 07, 2012, 10:04:22 AM
thats quite some detailing there.
Maps / Re: FlyingTemple
April 07, 2012, 09:57:10 AM
I simply notice the smallest of details [^.^]
The Mega Archive / Re: Doom.
April 06, 2012, 08:29:38 AM
mmmm he did say he's leaving for good but I believe he'll be back eventually.
Maps / Re: sonic deathmatch WIP [16/01/12]
April 06, 2012, 08:09:15 AM
wow some sonic map you have worked on [8.0]
Maps / Re: FlyingTemple
April 06, 2012, 07:55:23 AM
This looks like a really nice map. the editing style looks very similar to how cooper would make. the only flaw that i spotted it is the block water on the two little water fountains. other than that it looks great
Introduce yourself / I'm LandRiders7th aka LR7
April 04, 2012, 03:49:45 AM
Most of you may already heard of me within 2011 and 2012 in SauerBraten and Red Eclipse. But for those that haven't here's how the Story goes. When I first heard of the game in fall of 2010 I was browsing some games on the Linux games category. I decided to download the game starting with trooper edition. I was amazed that this game has the ability to edit in game without an external program and the best part coop edit with others online. a few weeks later I got justice edition which I stayed with for awhile to this time period.

Anyways I'm an IT guy which I've been fixing and building computers both hardware and software for over 12 years. started learning about Linux in 2006 and started using it as a default desktop in 2010. Still not a programmer but I know how to merge some coding from source at this point.

Also have been a professional graphic designer since 2007 which I started out with mspaint around 1999. Art has been one of my strongest subjects but was never dedicated for making it as a career. Heres a link were I keep all my artwork

Not to forget that I'm a music producer at well started in February 2010. heres a link for them too

I always wanted to get into more hardware stuff like engineering and electronics to build these incredible machines that i had in mind for awhile.  One of them happen to the StarShip Battle Craft Titan. Its the First map I ever made on cube 2 and the first ever to be built by the community. someday when I manage to turn the ogz map into a CAD format. that will be the day when I build the real deal in the future.

And I also wanted to build my own operating system called L-Core. Unlike most Linux distributions out there. This aims to not only be useful to home use but for others out there that needs a better tool with added features that are useful and powerful. I believe that there should be an os similar to the old school Amiga os in the 80's but with a better look, future proof, free and open source. Heres an example of the kind of plans I'll make for it

The first OS I made is L-Core BIO and heres a video of this os preview along with a download link

So far my main life goals is learning as much of everything there is to know about the truth and sharing it to the world.

-Building and creating all kinds of things.

-Most importantly to be the captain of a star ship.

well that it for now, til then this is LR7 LOGGING OUT
just so you guys know there has been changes in release date. its now moved to May due to lack of editors and i'm trying to fix those lagging parts of the ship and i only have one guy that can fix alot of them. Anyways I'll still load my ship but it will be cut in parts from now one if needed. I'll have the credits updated on this post.
Maps / Re: kmap2 Sauerbaten Remake
March 25, 2012, 12:59:46 AM
I remember making this map. and Leo I did the extra detailing and added volume with one of the textures.
Some of you may have heard or seen my ship before and seen how much and how fast it has changed over time. But for even how many people has helped with this project I'm still low in editors and I'm lacking additional layouts, pathways, detailing, and items. I also have had set a finishing mirroring date expected to be done by the end of march and the official release in early April. This will is perhaps the first ever multiple mode map that is built by just about anyone whos good as editing. so if anyone is interested in this project can meet me in The LR7 Telecom Server. If that server isn't available then look for the map title TheShip on any server in cube 2. heres a preview of the ship that pie uploaded.

and heres another one from epsilonjackalONYT

and for still images here are these links