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Started by wiquat, June 11, 2013, 03:07:24 AM

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Name : wickedQuaternion
Alias : Cirno8075
Age : 21
Country : US(North America)

In Game
How long have you been playing ?
Since 2009

How did you discover the game ?
My Brother showed me

What are your favorite game modes (except coopedit)? Why?
Instactf // I hate spammy rockets.

When are you usually online?
Being from Oklahoma of the US 1:00PM - 10:00PM

Why Mapping Hell?
Some of my friends are here, and Mappinghell is a very high quality team with an energy I feel compitable with.

What will you bring to the team ?
Entertainment/Material/Fun script ideas/ I could bring a whole lot, I just dont know what it all could be just yet.


What do you prefer to do in coopedit? Why?
I like to make fractal and symetric things. I like to make enviroments that can easly be traveled if you know how to do it. I like to cut my answers short and say that i prefer just about anything.

How many mapping projects did you start?
I havent kept track. If I hadnt lost so much data from viruses I would count it for you, but right now its a countless number for me.

How many maps have you finished? How many have you uploaded on quadropolis (links) ?
That is also something I am not sure of (my uploaded maps(A map called "Application" is in that folder. It is the map I built to apply for MappingHell -->)) http://www.mediafire.com/?1u382qmpjs3bbq7
What is your favourite kind of map ?
This sums it up --> "Funmap (race / trick / artistic / rpg) and playable (ctf, 1on1, 30 on 30)."


Please give us some info about yourself


Name : Elika
Alias : AsusP4B533
Age : 22
Country : Caprica  ( Use a real country name )

In Game
How long have you been playing ?
How did you discover the game ?
I've been playing sauerbraten for 5 years (yea sure).
I discovered it thanks to my cat who jumped on the keyboard and it typed : "saauuerbrttenne".
What are your favorite game modes (except coopedit)? Why?
Ffa because I keep camping the quad and I feel powerfull.
When are you usually online?
Most days of the week, between 6 and 9. Not always though.
Why Mapping Hell?
B3CUZ 1T R0X (If you write that you haven't any chance to join us).
What will you bring to the team ?
Happiness, good ideas for maps. Random layouts. My wicked sense of humor and attractiveness.


What do you prefer to do in coopedit? Why?
I love to create textures. Writing scripts are a bit too hard for me. Layout are quite easy too, but I'm not very good at adding details...
How many mapping projects did you start?
About 17,295, mostly 1on1 maps and some other useless ones.
How many maps have you finished? How many have you uploaded on quadropolis (links) ?
0, I have no motivation, I just like starting lots of projects.
What is your favourite kind of map ?
Funmap (race / trick / artistic / rpg) and playable (ctf, 1on1, 30 on 30).


Do you want to add something else ?
I am The Best. I am the Alpha and the Omega, as well as Omicron, and a few other Greek letters.


First of all, you can't expect everyone to go through all the 22 random maps you posted there, while you didn't give any explanation or screenshots (imo around 5 maps should be more than enough to represent your skill). Besides that I'm tired of the people posting old maps and then saying they got better now. You posted one map from 2010 and several ones from 2011 and it don't think they represent your current skill (correct me if they are). Also, the name Teriyaki[yo] is mentioned in several maptitels and the name HorseHead in one. They may be your names but you could have updated them before uploading them or at least told us about them.

Now to the maps. I took the time to look at all 22 and noticed that most of them weren't even remipped in collect edition while others didn't contain any lightsources at all (Applying for a mapping clan for a 3d engine, which supports light, with a map which doesn't have any light sources isn't that clever i think). The majority of them was incomplete and didn't seem to have any purpose (neither playable nor good looking). On every map which contained light, the lighting was awful. The geometry was unefficient and wtr heavy yet still looking very blocky. I did spot some extremely high poly and smooth curves that obviously were computer generated, but I doubt you made the script yourself, since quite a few of them were broken because of being copied with the wrong gridsize. In many cases the textures you used didn't fit the geometry at all and I noticed plenty of textures that were scaled way too large and put directly beside one with a normal resolution. Most maps didn't have any pickups, but on the ones that had them, they didn't make any sense at all. 'application' was the only map that geometry wise looked okay, but the lighting was awful too and the textures are a weird mixture of everything, while the map is also incomplete, same as most of the others.

I'm not sure if this application is actually serious, but my vote is no.
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Well, I'll try to be less harsh as Skur (even he definitely isn't meaning so) but here we go.

I have to agree Skur, some screenshots would be nice and that there are a lot of incomplete maps within the package of application. I would advice you to zip only a few really good maps rather than a lot which are only quite good.
Some proper zipping wouldn't be a bad thing to do also (create a "packages/base/name_of_map.ogz" directory, don't use uppercase symbols, etc). I've noticed certain maps aren't yours also (space-station for example), which is kind of weird not to notify.
I've noticed you love to scale up textures quite a lot or to abuse the texscroll command (as in creating plain textures); please don't. There are better ways than leaving up a map very pixelated (while most textures within Sauerbraten aren't that high quality already) or scrolling textures so fast that they become rather plain. Use another texture instead and use <mad:1/1/1> when specifying a certain texture in the map's cfg (like: texture 0 "<mad:0.5/0.5/0.5>misanthropx/white.jpg" which gives grey instead of white that way. The parameters are just RGB from 0 up to infinite I guess).

As the application looks far from valid (not even really answered on the
application questions, neither provided some proper and finished map), I still have to say, Undecided


nvm, there are certain things about me that are sketchy as hell to people who don't know me


just pick one map and post it, with a couple of screenshots. be sure to calclight. use the forum attachment feature to upload the ogz, cfg and screenshots. maybe you can finish off the 'application' map.

are you really 21? I'm 28 btw, but most people are below 20 afaik


I, for one, will not be voting at all.  Since last time I voted, it turned into a rather uncomfortable situation, and now the entire clan looks at me as some dick over a fucking vote.

If, by chance, that I were to vote, I would take the time to go through every map since I actually care about what the applicant posts, unlike the rest of the people here.

Best of luck, wiquat.


I'll vote when I see some sexy screenshots


Quote from: Sweet on June 12, 2013, 04:02:05 AM
I'll vote when I see some sexy screenshots

I'll see sexy when I screenshot some votes.

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I've taken a look at some of the maps:

Midnight - I actually think the upscaled textures are interesting, they make you feel smaller. Besides that, the map has some interesting shapes, though it doesn't look very playable.
10G - Again, interesting shapes, not sure about the playability. It's marked as made by HorseHead - is this your alias or are you trying to show us a map that isn't yours? I really appreciate honesty, so please give it to us straight.
818 - Signed by Teriyaki[yo], it looks like an interesting 1on1 map, I actually enjoy the atmosphere it makes, except the doors that kill you. What did you contribute on this map?
48075 - It looks interesting enough, though it seems to garner to a different purpose than looking good. Textures are scaled up again, which makes you feel small, but doesn't really make obvious sense. Its name suggests it's made for bots, so that was probably the purpose.
application - an interesting little house, looking quaint enough. Has a nice glass effect on the door. The doors are twice as big as they should be in proportion to the player, and there are unfinished areas - I'd give you a positive vote just on the architecture.
Battle_Blocks - this one is quite interesting, it has bold texture work, and really unique geometry. What can I say, this map has balls. Looks pretty playable as well. Should give it a try.
beed - There are texture errors, maybe you forgot to upload the cfg, and although it's visually and geometrically interesting, it feels a bit simple and the flow is quite iffy.

I'm going to stop here, because there are too many maps. My vote is yes, provided you cater to the other members' requirements. Especially the part about posting only less maps. Just pick your three favorite maps and use the forum attachment system to upload them here. Include cfg's if needed. Also include a couple of screenshots from each map. It makes it easier for everyone and faster for you to get a final answer.


I've taken a look at your other maps as well, and if they're mostly made by you, then you have some very interesting ideas, though you could use more discipline. If they're not your maps, please tell us which are done mostly by you and which are done mostly by others.


they are all my maps but since ive changed my name so often in the past. im going to cancel my application to avoid stupid confrontations.. sorry..
im going to start over as kankri.. kankri212J4 .. ill work I new projects and when I finsh I good round of mapping and what not .. ill try again


for their sake just change your name back to teriyaki
and if you didn't want them to know that was your name, then remove it from the maptitles first before submitting. :P