"map" command (server-init.cfg)

Started by unixfreak, March 30, 2012, 11:45:47 PM

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With this command set in server-init.cfg, it should theoretically launch the server to load "hog2" on gamemode 1 (co-op editing) right?
map hog2 1

Never seems to work properly however. I have noticed on the http console the mode will set correctly (screenshot below), although the map-name will be titled "no map", and as soon as you join the server,  complex will be loaded on the default gamemode (ffa).

I asked jacob on irc not long ago he said someone else had the same problem, is the command broken in frogmod or are we using the wrong syntax? :gaysquirrel:
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I'd try a sleep. So the server has time to load stuff and initialize and after that, it changes map & mode.
sleep 5000 [map hog2 1] // 5000 = 5 seconds...

The map doesn't change until somebody connects, I think.