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Started by Mooeepp!!, February 27, 2012, 07:15:48 PM

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Alias: Mooeepp
Age: 16
Country: Germany

In Game
How long have you been playing?

I have been playing for 2 years.

How did you discovered the game?

A friend did show me the game and I got fascinated of Cube.

When you are usualy online?

I like this game, so I'm often online.
Mostly from midday to evening.

Why Mapping Hell?

Because a few members of MH want me in and because
it's the best Cube 2 Editing Clan (which allows multiclanning).

What will you bring to the team ?

Good ideas, detailed maps and landscape and happines  :D


What do you prefer to do in coopedit? Why?

Editing detailed and compicated things and landscape, because I often want
a challange.I don't like Layouts much, they are quiet easy, but I had never
a feeling for them (perhapse this opinion can change).I also like to make

How many mapping projects did you start?
About 17,295, mostly 1on1 maps and some other useless ones.
How many maps have you finished? How many have you uploaded on quadropolis (links) ?

I finished 2 map, but didn't upoaded anything on quadropolis yet.

What is your favourite kind of map ?

RPG maps, because they are most varied.


Do you want to add something else ?
I hate filling such apply's (sorry for my bad english)

Here are my maps:

Waterfall (playable 1on1 map)
Tempel (just a map)
stuff (stuffmap)
Kino/Moepor (single Player project, please start Kino at first => /sp Kino)

everything made by me


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Do we even have to vote? this guy is amazing. :anisan:
I'd be an idiot to vote no.



ahh, mooeepp don't worry man, you will get in ^_^, you're to much of a good editor.  :anisan:
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I like your maps. You have my vote, on the condition that you let me teach you how to make better looking spirals.


Yay moep applied :D
He's a great editor. He does ever have great ideas, he's great with details and I really love his style of editing. I'm voting yes.



Thank you.. and Sweet, the spirals on the map are the first spirals I've ever made ;)
but sure you can teach me how to make them right   :D


i liked our maps a lot so I'm going to vote "YES", I would add some screen shots of your map to your application to help people vote faster - just saying


Thank you for you vote Fixxit.. and yes youre right.. so here are the pictures so you can vote easyer.


hrhr.. pics look nice, ill look at the maps later ->
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Only a retard would say no, so Yes! Love the detail on the temple
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I think i will say yes just from looking at the pictures by themselves. I will check out your maps once it's finished downloading.

Edit: just spent the past 15minutes exploring your maps
i'm speechless lol  ::)

Very awesome maps. If i have to point out my favourite i would say the church building on the map "stuff". Honestly, most of the geometry on these map's is among the best i've seen.

I like the rpg style system you wrote for the Kino/Moepor map, and haven't seen that method of texture animation (the cinema screen) used before, it works really well.

One thing i'll point out that i had to modify to get the map "Kino" working properly in SP mode:

These files:


Needed to be changed to:


Just so you know, filename's  should be case sensitive (for the sake of linux/mac users) otherwise people on these operating systems will get a whole bunch of errors about missing textures etc  ;)

Really awesome stuff you've made.

My vote = YES  :win:
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Yeah thank you realy much :D .. and unix if thank you for the advice.
If you like the church here is the full map (the church is just a peace of a bigger map but not everything is built by me),
it is older and has many mapmodels but i hope you will like it.
You can also start it in sp.. but you dan't have to.

mappi01 (by greenlight and me)


I'll say yes. I hope you'll be of some use in a playable map project eventually.
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wow, i love sp maps and ur looks awesome :D i also liked the other maps :) -> vote: yes :jammin:
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."



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Had a look at your maps.
Verdict is YES





That leaves Jake/Apollo. :rockin:


interesting.. he seems to always be the last one to vote =D


lol.. and thank you realy much for voting yes :)


I vote yes.

I would like to make a note for future votes. If Everybody else votes yes and I am the last to vote, then you may skip me. I trust everybody's decision.

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YAEHHHH!!!!  :anisan: thank you realy much :D


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