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Can't get frogmod to work, at all

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I have tried the ported version to windows.
i am using a fresh install of saueraten justice, and i have not modified any frogmod config.

My issue is that i simply cannot connect to my server, i have tried "/connect" "connect" "/connect localhost"

I have set my PC  a static IP of and my ports are fowarded and working correctly


Still cannot connect to the server. i keep getting "could not connect to server"
Could you please connect to me over teamviewer?
i have tried everything

I think you're using a really old version of frogmod. There was a binary compiled by jonlimle, I'm not sure what you're using there. I just recommend using the linux version.

i am using jhonlimes ported frogmod, i couldn't get it to work on linux either

on linux i keep getting "undefined reference to `clock_gettime'" when building it


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