Life on Mars- The true story of an asshole

Started by Sweet, October 06, 2011, 03:01:42 AM

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One day, Sweet started up Sauer, excited to work on his doomed-to-be-forgotten ffa map. He typed '/connect' and hit that enter key.

When he got there, there was chaos. Somebody named Mars was reconnecting and disconnecting, some people kept calling him a troll. I immediately took control of the situation. I inquired about what he had done. Apparently, he was already blacklisted for mass kicking. I teased him about the rules a bit.

This began the downward rage spiral. He began saying awful (not to mention juvenile) things, both to me and Zoocata. Among them - "You're an 11 year old princess!"

Eventually, I muted him, and hoped this would end it. He reconnected, from a different name, thinking this would un-blacklist him. Unfortunately, since he is only 6 years old in reality, he didn't understand the concept of IP adresses. I blacklisted him for impersonation. Impersonation wasn't the right word, it was more using aliases to troll. However, he took offense to this.

From that moment on, when I connected to PSL, and he was there, he would say "Hey Sweet Cunt". He would spam this, until Didda (whom I love), kicked him again and again.

I changed the blacklist reason so that he knew just why he was blacklisted. No luck. I tried ignoring him. No luck. Mars is a 6 year old who's bedtime was an hour ago. Goodnight, sweet Mars. Let angels sing thee to they rest.


You guys! What is Sweet saying in this story!? I want to know!


Are you guys talking about princesses?

Lazy Kat

Meowy Chwysmiss


What did he say?!!? Did he just utter a guitar solo with his bare words!?


I'm not sure who you're addressing here, Vampi

Lazy Kat

Oh Sweet, Today, Mars was talking to GoodOldJacob about hacking the Mainserver (we all need it to play sauer)
Meowy Chwysmiss


DDOSING? That would take like 20 people working nonstop to increase our pings by 20.

Guess what, 100 nerds are sad.


Yeah then I disconnected and connected to another server and he also connected to the same server and said "JACOB, IM KIDDING" and im like "Mars, you don't joke about stuff like that". He also wants to start (or already has started) a hacking clan dedicated to hacking sauerbraten.

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Lazy Kat

Quote from: GoodOldJacob on October 08, 2011, 07:19:57 PM
He also wants to start (or already has started) a hacking clan dedicated to hacking sauerbraten.
If he has, No one would join it, because no one is feeling like "masturbating" Sauer's servers, unless they are people who dont care for games.
Meowy Chwysmiss


Here's a part of my servers log.
Original, I didnt cut anything.

$#@$@#$@ connected from United States (
~~{ $#@$@#$@ didn't connect from United States }~~
$#@$@#$@ left
~~{ All bans cleared. }~~
$#@$@#$@ connected from United States (
~~{ $#@$@#$@ didn't connect from United States }~~
Pupskuchen connected (
<$#@$@#$@> hey
<Pupskuchen> ?
~~{ $#@$@#$@ didn't like his old name and changed it to Mars }~~
<Mars> hey
<Mars> :D
<Mars> Pup, are you a hacker?
~~{ Mars claimed master . Mastermode is open. }~~
<Pupskuchen> no?
<Mars> why?
<Pupskuchen> what why
Brooke:D connected from United States (
~~{ Brooke:D didn't connect from United States 1 }~~
I-AM-BATMAN428 1 connected from United States (
~~{ I-AM-BATMAN428 1 didn't connect from United States }~~
<Mars> I'm leader of a new hacking clan
<Brooke:D> hi
~~{ I-AM-BATMAN428 1 is now a spectator }~~
I-AM-BATMAN428 left
Brooke:D left
<Mars> plz be hacker
Mastermode is now locked (2)
<Mars> ????????????????????......................................?'
<Pupskuchen> ?
<Pupskuchen> I wont be hacker
<Mars> NVFM
~~{ Mars is no longer master . Mastermode is open. }~~
Mars left
<Pupskuchen> ?
Pupskuchen left
~~{ All bans cleared. }~~


I wish him luck. He will need it.

Recommend me to him. I would like to enjoy myself.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

Heav’n hath no rage like love to hatred turn’d, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.


Mars...Izz hatez him!
Anyway, the reason why maybe he wants to hack stuff is cause, a friend of a friend of mine on Sauer hacked him (deleted all his maps etc). ;)
And that was a nice story!


Quote from: Windecker on October 12, 2011, 09:28:54 AM
Recommend me to him. I would like to enjoy myself.
I also would recommend enyoying yourself to him.