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I don't know if he actually does need ideas.

Anyways, he's working on the new version of Frogmod (?).

Ideas for new features?


#givemaster (cn) retains previous mastermode
IRC admin commands in server integration
Reserved slots (reserved names)

Givemaster used to retain mastermode. I think it lost that when he rebuilt frogmod.

Few things I've been asking for a while :P
 - A command that allow auto sendmap by master and getmap by the new player (I saw it somewhere, can't remember).
 - Edit mute too (this is how I would see it) : each time you're in a coopedit server, when the master unspect you, you're by default "editmute", a message tell the whole the server that "unnamed" has been unspect but is not allowed to edit. And a message to the master only : type @editmute CN 0 to allow him to edit.
 - Whitelist (why is it gone? :( prevent whitelisted people getting kicked / banned / blocked by mm3 and whatever, (could be used to move out some guys who take a server and MM3 while they are alone...)
 - A warning when you mm3 (not sure if copy paste is still buggued when someone connect...) to avoid ppl abusing it, or a time limit : you can't mm3 more than a minute every 5 minutes ?.
 - Blacklisted ppl that can't kick, (using master still allowed imo, so they can proove they can act properly).
That's enough for coop I guess...
 Now for the other mode, auto balance could be a good idea (check each minutes, if huge difference, warn ppl that teams are gonna be balanced in few seconds if they don't do it, check again 15 seconds later, and balance if necessary). It could also be blocking capture or whatever if teams are really unbalanced...
Can check scores too, to see if the 2 guys can stand against the 5 other if they are good enough, I guess there's no problem.

(My english is still pretty bad, I'm sorry x'))

Lotta great ideas there, Sky  :)

I think autobalance should be toggleable.

God mode.


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