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Started by VastLite, August 19, 2010, 12:12:19 PM

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Attemp 2: (the first post got cancelled for the attachment and when I got back to the new topic screen, my entire body of text was gone, so I'm writing this one in word (fool me once, shame on, um, the president? I forget how that one goes)
Anyway, first off, hello. My name is Jonathan, (I'm from the United States by way of California) I go by the nickname VastLite. I've been playing Sauer off and on since Summer Edition, so whatever that is in years (I'm too lazy to look at the sourceforge repository.)
I suffer from a severe case of satellite internet. I'm afraid it's terminal, the only 3D online interaction I've ever been able to have is in Sauerbraten. (More specifically coop editing, I tend to get yelled at and banned when I try to play any other mode so I've stuck to coop for the majority of my time in Sauer.)
Over the years I've certainly gotten better, but I'd still say I lack some of the basic skillsets that are needed for a serious map creator. I've very good at abstract stuff, but I'm not very good at making "real" things. I tend to over-think simple creations and attempt to make something that is either beyond my abilities, or would take way too much time. So, in (hopefully) joining this clan, I'd like to network with people who have these skillsets with the goal of becoming a better mapper. I do have one map I've posted to quad: http://quadropolis.us/node/2480 It's more of an artsy/concept map than a functional level, but I like going back to it every now and then to look at the nice shapes and colors. I really would like to make more serious maps, so I'm eager to hone my skills amongst a group of serious editors. Not to say I don't enjoy a good noob co-op every now and then (They're so amazed that you can make a sphere out of cubes, even if it's only 5x5x5) or even casual/social coop servers with my friends. More than anything I've always liked the Sauerbraten user community. You guys were very helpful when I was first starting out and the user base been nothing but supportive, either in criticisms or acclaim, in the years I've played. I think the main reason that I'm applying to a clan now rather than earlier is that I'm worried of what has become of most of the coop servers in Sauer today. They are full of griefers and general idiots (nothing like they used to be.) I miss the days where I could join a server, build some inane structure until I passed out, and not have it completely wrecked by morning. In the last few days, I've been enjoying co-oping with some of my old sauer buddies who recently started playing again with the release of Justice Edition. Casual play aside, I would certainly like to further my skills, and I think this is the way to do it, if you would have me of course. Either way I thank you for your time, -VastLite


Cool, i see that my map exchange with you yesterday has sparked some interest in you.

Ideally I try to keep the servers clear of noobs, and making account for friends of ours(they have more power than ordinary masters, remind me to make you one). We also have the irc bridge which makes socializing easier by being able to keep open communications with the servers while not having sauer run.

In terms of you joining, i'm ok with it. You seem like a serious guy with cool attitude. The map that you have shows interest in editing, and i'm sure you could do much more with us as well. MH usually tries to respond in about 2 weeks for these requests.

So yeah.. please join our servers, they're free for everyone to use. IRC too if that's possible(irc.quakenet.org #hypertriangle/#waterlooserver)

PS: Please use some white space in your posts, it's easier to read that way.



ii dont know you yet
and that map is not really nice
they are just spheres
maybe if you show more creative maps made by you and only you
i dont want to vote now
i want to see your creativity and skill better.
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Sorry about the lack of white spaces, I was kind of rushing from the first attempt disappearing.

Also, Doko, that map is completely mine, I don't know if that's what you meant or if you would like to see some more maps that are just mine. In either case, here is an early attempt of mine at a concept map: http://www.mediafire.com/file/izitxbda4z29tbr/circliey.ogz

I'm having trouble joining the irc channel. I tried mibbit at first but it's been banned from quakenet, and then when I was trying to use chatzillia, I kept getting timeout errors. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.

Just for good measure, her are some off my better screenshots off xfire:


Sorry if that's way too many, but I really want to give you an idea of what I do. :)


i would like to vote later on,
the map 128 spheres is a good map,
iam not fond of abstract stuff but i do
see a lot of potential in you i would like to see
if u can do other stuff like normal concept at least
to see your full potential, please post pictures
because i dont have sauerbraten for now my pc
broke. be active, edit with the other MHs and..
that it.
PS:i find that your a good editer
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Hey guys, after talking to VastLite again, I'm reopening this topic. VastLite has my vote, and we'll need a couple of other votes, so he can start wearing the tag :P
I think the topic was closed due to the stupid changes in rules I/we made, but that has been undone.


He has my vote. I looked through the quadropolis blurb he posted, and I have to be honest, this guys pretty good :) I've edited with him before, although he probably doesnt remember me. I vote YES. :D


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I are in agreement. Yes, yes, and sheeyea.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I side by side.

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That's great, VastLite, this means you can wear the tag now. Welcome to the clan!

*adding to member list*