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Started by ArdTheSheep, June 04, 2016, 03:36:03 AM

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I'll be redesigning the forum and replacing (moving to relevant location) old topics, and generally making everything more organized.

Here is the proposed redesign

The board "Temporary Archive for Redesign" is well.. where I will temporarily keep topics for the redesign.  Once one category is cleaned up, I'll begin moving back *important, interesting* topics.

If you have any topics that are in the archive that you would like to be moved back to the respective board, post the topic link here.

Questions for Vampi
Should the archive be made clan-only access, admin-only access, or leave it alone?  It would small-up the forum a little, would be more appealing.,98.0.html  Can I just dun diddly whipedy whipe whipe poofedy poof delete the entire thing?  They are all defunct servers, I see no use keeping the topics around.  Thought I'd ask.

Current Actions I Have Done

JUNE 3RD 2016
-Created 'Temporary Archive for Redesign' Board. (This will be full of 'child boards' of other categories for holding topics and keeping organized.)

-Cleaned up General Discussion & Child Boards

-Renamed 'Your System Specs' child board of General Discussion to 'System Specs'

-Removed 'Blood Frontier' and 'Cube' Archive boards. (they only had 1-3 topics which didn't have anything useful within them.)

-Removed 'Intensity Engine' Board. I checked the original topic on Cube Engine, the URL's are non-existant and are for sale.  The one topic 'REALISTIC PHYSICS' has been moved to Temp Archive.

-Removed 'Fighting Hell Clan' Board.  Was old and not much of interest.  The Topic 'Clanwar Results' was moved to Temp Archive due to containing statistics that may be wanted for memories.

-Removed 'MapShots' board, created 'MapShots' child board on Temp Archive, will move topics back to a new child board later.

-Cleaned up 'Mapping Hell Clan' Board and child boards.

-Removed 'Servers' Child board of Mapping Hell Clan due to none of the servers currently being active.  Topics will be placed elsewhere later on.

-Cleaned up 'Joining' child board of Mapping Hell Clan.  Left Accepted and Rejected applications so new applicants can see previous successes/failures.

-PLANNED: New 'Members List' thread, new 'Membership Rules' thread.

-Cleaned up 'Sauerbraten' Board
-Reconfigured 'Sauerbraten' Child Boards to: Maps, Scripts, Pictures, Videos, Tutorials, Resources

-added some scripts to script child board.
-added some pictures to picture child board.
-added some videos to videos child board.

-moved back some decent threads to Sauerbraten>Maps

-moved the 'MapShots' from Temp Archive to Sauerbraten>Pictures.
-Removed 'MapShots' child board from Temp Archive.

-moved useful/informative/interesting threads back to various boards and child boards.  (everything above 'Sauerbraten' board.)

-finished today off by going through various of the already-cleaned boards, and adding text detailing what you may find within the boards, makes it look better.
example: Videos - Videos related to Cube 2: Sauerbraten are found here!

-left everything else in the Temp Archive and Temp Archive 2.  Will figure out what to do tomorrow.

JUNE 4TH 2016

-updated members list, created new topic.

-enabled showing online/offline status of a user within threads

-changed shorthand date display from 'Today' to 'Today and Yesterday'

finish cleaning up the boards.
finish adding detailing text for some boards.
finish organizing child boards.
figure out what to do with old threads.



Info for Vampi
I didn't touch anything on the 'FrogMod' board, I didn't know if you were still doing anything with it.  I left it alone and moved it into the Archive category, in case there was anything you had planned for it.


June 7th, 2016
-Cleaned up Tesseract board

-Deleted 'MH-Servers' board along with topics from 'MH-Servers' from Temp Archive (with permission)

-Removed 'Assault Cube' and 'Xonotic' boards, there was not much use for them.

-Cleaned up 'Red Eclipse' board.

-Created board 'The Mega Archive' - I plan on organizing everything into child boards within 1 archive board.

-Moved topics from 'Temporary Archive For Redesign 2 (games)' to 'The Mega Archive'
-Deleted the board 'Temporary Archive For Redesign 2 (games)' and child boards.

-Moved topics from 'Sauerbraten' board in the archive to 'The Mega Archive'
-Deleted the board 'Sauerbraten' and child boards from the Archive category.

-Moved topics from 'Temporary Archive For Redesign' to 'The Mega Archive'
-Deleted the board 'Temporary Archive For Redesign' and child boards.

-Moved topics from 'General Category' board in the archive to 'The Mega Archive'
-Deleted the board 'General Category' and child boards from the Archive category.

-Added detailing text for the board 'Tesseract'
-Added detailing text for the board 'Red Eclipse'

-Finished with cleanup and redesign!

-Tutorials on circles (3x3 - 17x17)
-Videos for tutorials on circles (3x3 - 17x17)
-Tutorials on Rivers & Cliffs
-Tutorial on Basic Structures (stairs, doorways, trims, walls)
-Tutorial on Compiling the Current Sauerbraten SVN using CodeBlocks
-Rearrange/Modify some 'Member groups'