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Decision - Sauerbraten Singleplayer Mod/Fork



First release July 25th - August 10th, 2019

Just dropping in to say the project is still actively being worked on.

Here is a couple new videos - Ratamahattas have grenades and spit acid at you. - A Playthrough of 'Chapter 4: The Grand Stair'

No ETA on first release right now.  The biggest setback is the maps.  But don't worry, it's coming!

Why are maps the biggest setback? Simply because of the sheer scope or are you having technical hurdles to overcome?

They are very large SinglePlayer maps, each one taking 15-30 minutes to play through.  SinglePlayer maps take tremendously longer to make than traditional ffa or ctf maps.

I simply haven't made enough maps to constitute a first release


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