Station-42 [WIP]

Started by ArdTheSheep, June 17, 2018, 09:00:37 PM

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What is Station-42?

Station-42 is a map that tests if mapmodels are a viable option for use as Primary Details.  Normally, you're highly limited on capabilities with cubes as main details..  With mapmodels, you're able to achieve detail that would otherwise be impossible, allowing for maps with more character and beauty.

WORK IN PROGRESS ~~~ When finished, map will be posted to > forum > mapping

I'm uploading all progress to my YT chan into this playlist:

So far, using mapmodels as primary details, seems viable, if not better than traditional ways.

Here's some pics:
GIF of the spinny cube 6 million




 :o these maps that are popping out in tesseract are amazing.. I have to experiment now. Interesting how people are using the mapmodels a lot more in tess because the work so well with the game.
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