The PowerMapper Project

Started by ArdTheSheep, March 03, 2018, 12:20:49 AM

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Yeah, the map is shit, but it's just proof of concept right now

Powermapper is a giant /pastebrush library and a GUI with consolidated commands, preset atmospheres, tons of other shit.
The ultimate editing tool.

"Oh.. but.. won't maps just start looking the same?"
Sort of, but that's why ya keep adding more and more pastebrushes! and more and more and more!

The goal? Any day-1 Sauer noob will be able to make a release-quality map, within 1 hour.  Heck probably even 30 minutes.

Anyone, who has never touched a computer in their life, can make a release quality map, poof just like that.

That 10 minute video is the equivalent of 3-5 hour of hand editing from nothing.

No more building, no more learning curve, no more 'sucking' at mapping.

Everyone is gonna be a pro map maker from the first minute.


As the project progresses, other mappers may decide to make their own themed pastebrush packs and post them somewhere.
Any rando can download them and get to mapping.

Putting the 'coop' back into coop edit.

Whole new wave of sauer maps is on it's way.. if I can do this thing right, that is.

Oh? you wanna contribute? well, why aren't you making your own pastebrush pack? Throw it my way and it'll get added into the mega pastebrush library!

Heck, don't even gotta throw it my way, you can just post it on Sauerworld, Quadro, on thsi forum, if I find it i'll probably contact you and ask if I can use your pastebrushes, lmao.

Got a specific style you use for futuristic theme? Medieval theme? make your pastebrush pack and share it!

Sauer is not dead yet!  Oh boy,, it's about to shine that's right.. heh

Making 2-3 maps in 1 day? Oh, that's going to be the new Meta.  Especially when you can make a map in under 1 hour. 




Making a Playable Map in less than 2 Hours with PMap - The Ultimate Editing Tool


some pics

if the gifv doesnt load for whatever reason, ::


Remaking/consolidating all editing gui's into one.






I've always liked the idea of a more advanced and better editing gui. However, I've always been afraid of messing up and not being able to retrieve it back to original state (perhaps this is an experience I had in the very past).
Maybe it will be time for a change some time.

Anyway, impressive work.