Buying A Laptop - Good Specs for Cost Deals

Started by Sauce, January 04, 2014, 06:11:03 PM

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I work on the road a lot, so I want to purchase a laptop, that can run Tesseract really well, with all the shit turned up at a quick speed and minimal choppyness. I want to pay under 1,000 for it, but still have reasonably good specs. Any good internet deals that you would suggest would be greatly appreciated. Once I get the laptop, I plan to start mapping more. Thanks
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You want a computer with AMD card.  (I've noticed non-AMD cards get fucked up lighting in tess, but with AMD the lighting is like sauer but dynamic.)

I'd suggest get the computer I use for Tess, just for Tess, not bf3 or WoW. (good luck affording soma alienware.  me love me WoW max settings)

Computer I have: Toshiba Satellite.  (can't find my model on their site, they must not sell it anymore.)

But all the Satellite series are pretty good (i've tried 4 different ones.)

Max settings for Sauer, Tess, and LOTRO.   6 GB RAM, dual core, 6 second boot time, windows 8, wide screen (1600x900), light but durable.

I bought mine at Staples for around $380.


Toshiba has the Satellite series for more than 10 years now, so I doubt all of them can be considered 'good' today =P
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