Second Wind

Started by ArdTheSheep, April 19, 2016, 03:25:41 AM

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I've failed twice now, but I'm not giving up just yet.

I took a wrong approach last time, so I've devised an entirely new approach.
I wanted a clan of elites, who could create outstanding things and complete them with absolute efficiency.  But this was the wrong approach.

The new goal I have is to create an editing community that is capable of turning new players into proficient, experienced editors, in a short to medium amount of time.  While at the same time, being able to provide a community of people who just want to hang and do whatever.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be posting tutorials, maps, useful information, whatever I possibly can that could be useful to a new editor. 1 single thing per day, and it will add up over time.

I'll first be starting with tutorials, 1 tutorial per day over 1 specific aspect of the editor.  Example, day one will cover the basics, like making cubes, bending them, making shapes and what not.  Next day will cover textures, next day layouts, next day theme and atmosphere, stuff like that. 
Tutorials that offer an aggrandized view of the editor, while also being fairly simple to understand.

Generally, my goal is to bring a second wind to MH, things were great in the past, let's bring all that back, but better!

I'll be taking up the task solo, however, anyone who wants to contribute anything is free to do so, without question.  Your own tutorials, guides, maps, scripts, whatever it may be, it has a place here on the forum, and can no doubt be a contributing factor to a new players success in editing.

Let's be, more than just a clan. 


Starting forum cleanup over the next week.

The goal is to generally clean up old threads which ultimately don't provide much use or entertainment.
Threads which provide useful information or have neat creations in them will be left alone.

Threads which provide useful information but seem broken or outdated will be updated and replaced.

The rest of the threads will be moved to the archive.

No threads will be deleted.  They will only be updated or be moved to the archive.

Boards that have been cleaned up:

Boards being worked on in the next 7 days
-introduce yourself
-system specs

-clan only