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Doom. He has trolled, impersonated, and been rude and obnoxious to almost everyone. He abuses master, and has cursed people off for no apparent reason. He has insulted clans, and has been ignorant and rude to people who are in those clans. You'll be happy to know that I have permanently banned him from Jim-Dandy, and I ask Pupskuchen to ban him from his servers too. I sent him a message on facebook:
--- Quote ---You'll be happy to know that because of your actions, you have been permanently banned from all Jim-dandy and I believe Pupskuchen's servers. You have been rude, obnoxious, and very offensive to not only me, but many other people in Sauerbraten. Kicking people for no reason, abusing master. Cursing at people for no reason, trolling. If you apologize in a calm and submissive manner, then you will be un-banned from these servers.
--- End quote ---

Oh, Don't worry about that pban, Im quitting sauer in 3 weeks broski.


Ask me.

banned from forum also. now we can enjoy join requests in peace


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