Author Topic: HellFire (Hardcore SP Boss Fight)  (Read 555 times)

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HellFire (Hardcore SP Boss Fight)
« on: September 06, 2017, 03:41:41 am »



Youtube Video of Phase1 to Phase5
(the electric fire balls on P2 were removed, because they were stupid)
(for phase 5 meteors, the bot suppose to have Minigun, but i gave him rifle, for testing purposes. he has Minigun now.)
(the sound is out of sync, also, but oh well.)

HellFire - The First Ever Sauerbraten Boss Fight - by Ardelico

Tired of boring old bots? How about a bot with more health, infinite ammo, and throws meteors at you?
While jumping back and forth to avoid the fire?

TL;DR HellFire is a 10 phase boss fight for Cube 2 Sauer, featuring fire walls, meteors, burning floor, and a stupid annoying bot with infinite ammo and a lot of health. Can you beat the challenge?

////// Info About Boss Phases, and How to Beat Them //////

Phase 1: just dps til hes dead
Phase 2: he'll tele side to side, dps til hes dead
Phase 3: just dps til hes dead
Phase 4: jump over the fire wall, don't jump to other islands, his rifle is accurate so try to jump a lot and stay moving
Phase 5: he'll tele side to side, dodge meteors and dps til hes dead (NEVER ENDING MINIGUN), you want to constantly be running around, and collecting all the health spawns. Don't try to tank the minigun, it won't work.  Focus on running and collecting the health, rifle/minigun the boss in between.
Phase 6: just dps til hes dead - dodge his rockets
Phase 7: fire wall (ACCURATE RIFLE), same as p4, his rifle is just more accurate.
Phase 8: burning islands (NEVER ENDING MINIGUN) - you want to jump from middle island, to outer island, to middle island, as the fire spawns.
Phase 9: just dps til hes dead - dodge his rockets

Phase 10: burning islands + meteors (NEVER ENDING MINIGUN) - Ok so, you're gonna have to stay moving. Same as p5, run around and collect health. But now you have the fire floor from p8 to worry about.

So, your strategy for P10 is this: Minigun/rifle dps, hop from middle island to outer island, collect health/ammo, jump back to middle island, repeat. 
He has 950 health on P10, don't even try to out-dps him rofl.  You want to nip a piece at a time.

///// Boss Health According to Phase /////
P1: 200
P2: 200 - 300
P3: 300 - 400
P4: Like 450 ish
P5: Like 500 or 600 (you're pretty much fucked if you missed the P4 YA/HB spawn.)
P6: same as p5
P7: same as p4
P8: same as p5
P9: same as p6
950 (lol, good luck, for real)

1: Download the .zip from SauerWorld, posted below the installation instructions you derp
2: Put the shit in:::: Documents/My Games/Sauerbraten

3: Go into:::: Documents/My Games/Sauerbraten/autoexec.cfg
In the autoexec.cfg, put in:
addzip hellfire
exec packages/boss.cfg
And then save the file.

4: ??? I don't know, sit there and think about that neighbor milf whos always gardening in yoga pan- nothing
5: Open Sauer, click HellFire Boss >>, click >> Fight <<, and go kill that stupid bot.

Stay Sauer'in - from Ardelico
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Re: HellFire (Hardcore SP Boss Fight)
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2017, 06:30:27 pm »
finally a new sp map! haven't gotten around to try this yet, but will definitely do so! for now i'm curious how you made that burning font on your first image? looks kind of cheap but in a good way ;D 2000s internet chic
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