Author Topic: [Tutorials] A List of Sauerbraten Tutorials  (Read 1724 times)

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[Tutorials] A List of Sauerbraten Tutorials
« on: June 09, 2016, 03:53:00 am »
-Various tutorials on editing.
>circles (3x3 to 7x7) - Complete! -,1119.0.html
>circles (8x8 - 12x12) - Temporarily Delayed
>circles (13x13 - 15x15) - Temporarily Delayed
>circles (16x16 - 17x17)

-Various tutorials on aesthetic aspects.
>lighting - After Medieval Structures
>v-commands (suggested by FK)

-Various tutorials on terrain
>basic terrain - Complete! -,1070.0.html
>cliffs - After Medieval Structures
>rivers - After Medieval Structures
>islands - Complete! -,1118.0.html

-Various tutorials on structures
>basic structures - Currently In Progress
>medieval structures - After Basic Structures
>futuristic structures
>properly applying materials to structures
>mapmodel placement

-Various tutorials on keybinds
>default keybinds and what they do
>keybinds to make editing more efficient

-Various tutorials on commands
>generally a list of all commands and what they do and how to use them

-Tutorial on Compiling Sauerbraten SVN with CodeBlocks - Currently In Progress
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